Flowers From My Husband

So my husband sent me flowers in celebration of the release of my first novel, The Violet Hour. He's pretty sweet when he wants to be. :)

But it got me thinking about the ups and downs of being a writer and having a family.

I decided I’d share said thoughts.

First of all, you must know that I started writing this series in the fall of 2009. At the time, I was happily married with no children in sight. Writing was easy. So easy. I’d stay up all hours, and I mean all hours, of the night. I could pick up where I left off at the mere thought of a new idea. I could hop in the car and disappear inside Borders (oh, how I miss Borders) for hours. Needed a pick-me-up? I could run to Starbucks without my absence being noticed. By early spring, I had completed the first draft of The Violet Hour in just over four months. By summer, we had edited our way through three more drafts and I’d actively started pursuing representation for publication of my novel. (See my post about querying literary agents here.) Back then it was easy.

Fast forward to today – writing is hard. I should say hard in the sense that I really have to manage my time wisely, which does not come easy nor always happen. As of today I have two beautiful children: a seven month-old daughter and a two year-old son. The word busy could be used as a vague description of what we are up to on a regular basis at my house. If I want to go to a bookstore, it takes me at least 20 minutes to get the kids dressed and loaded into the car, 5 minutes to unload them once at the store and by the time I exert the effort it takes to wheel them around the store, I’m ready to go home. If I need a coffee, it’s Folgers (or maybe Maxwell House… whichever is on sale that week) in my cup.

Aside from writing, finding time to read can be nearly impossible.

Do I miss the old days or reading, writing and all things bookish? Sure. Would I change a thing? Absolutely not. I adore my children more than I adore myself or any other soul on this planet. And with continued practice, I’ll get this balancing act figured out likely just in time for my kiddos to graduate high school and move away for college.