Interview with My So-Called Book Reviews

Here's a Book Tour interview I did with My So-Called Book Reviews:

(Here's a link to her full review of The Violet Hour)

1) I've read that The Violet Hour series has been in your subconscious for 5 years just begging to come out but what inspired you to finally turn it into a novel now, at this point in your life?

At some point, I realized my imagination was outpacing my memory. In the beginning, an inspiring song or quote would add another dimension to Logan’s story or character. But as The Violet Hour grew, I found myself creating scenes or new characters in my mind that were demanding to be penned. So I finally bought myself a notebook and started jotting down notes. In a matter of days, The Violet Hour was all I could think about. On November 10th 2009 I sat down and let the storyline take root. Still, to this very day, the series is constantly unfolding in my mind.

2) Logan Keller is a very strong, independent female protagonist (love her!). What made you decide to write her this way vs. the more typical "damsel in distress" type of character found so often in YA Fiction?

I think as a reader, no different than every other reader, I’m constantly being crushed and embraced by every newly read book. But as a writer, my creativity wildly fills in the holes other writers have left. I can see the good in every book I read but can also recognize a missed opportunity or maybe how I would’ve done something a little (or a lot) differently. There are themes, ideas and concepts in The Violet Hour that have been done before – it resonates like a familiar place. But, after reading over and over and over again about damsels in distress/weak-willed leading ladies, my heart finally whispered, “What if?” and my imagination took off. Logan is a character I have never read before and The Violet Hour is just the beginning of her story.

3) Is there any part of Logan's character that is based on yourself or someone else in your life, past or present?

No, not at all. Logan is someone I’ve never met (but would totally love too!) and while she may have a few character tics that my closest friends might recognize, she is a unique being. She is more similar to a Cleopatra or Joan of Arc – powerful, unapologetic and vulnerable – but simply, she is a level above everyone else. She is that type of woman that becomes a legend.

4) The Violet Hour starts after Logan has experienced a very tragic event in her life. What made you decide to start the story this way?

My intention was never to write a paranormal novel – I never outlined this story. Instead, I started writing and it poured out into its current shape. I knew I wanted to start in the midst of things and in the grip of emotion because I knew that was how Logan would be her most relatable. She isn’t a normal teenager in so many ways and I wanted to start her journey from one of the most common, and horrible, human experiences she was going to face. At some point, we have all struggled to hold onto the frail pieces when our world has been turned upside down by grief. 

5) I love secondary characters & believe they're extremely important to the success of a story, no matter how small their part. The Violet Hour has one of the best casts of supporting characters, good and bad, that I've read in a long time. One character though just really stood out for me and I wanted more, Diego!! I just loved him, he had me in hysterics & I've got to know; will we be seeing more of him in books 2 or 3??

HAHA! Diego came out of nowhere for me but I too fell madly in love with him. Every time we worked through edits in his scenes I couldn’t help but laugh at him. Of all my characters – even Luke and Logan, he was the only one who needed no development because he just landed on the page perfectly. I can tell you without a doubt, you haven’t seen the last of Diego. He adores Logan (and her hair) far too much to stay away for long.

6) If you could pick one song to represent The Violet Hour what would it be?

Only one?! Geeze! Hahaha! I worked with a playlist of about 20 songs while writing The Violet Hour and the majority of those songs are posted in a playlist on my website. I think Book #1 goes on such an emotional journey that it demanded a wide range of songs both lyrical and instrumental. Music helped me dive deeper into emotionally charged scenes and also the glue to keep my in that scene.

For instance: To dig deep into the loss of her mother, I listened to I’m In Here (Piano/Vocal Version) by Sia.

Can’t you hear my call?

Are you coming to get me now?

I’ve been waiting for you to come rescue me

I need you to hold

All of the sadness I can not, living inside of me.

As you can see, this is a pretty sad song. It wouldn’t work for the entire book because the entire book is not sad. So I can’t commit to just one, but I can confirm – without a doubt – that music played/is still playing a huge role in my writing for this series.

7) If The Violet Hour was turned into a TV series or Movie (keeping fingers crossed) who would be your dream cast?

Oh my... you did not just ask me this!! HA! First of all, I’m humbled by the mere thought. That being said, to answer your question, I’m sure the cast would be made up of completely unknown actors.

8) What is the one thing you like to tell your readers about The Violet Hour or its characters that we don't already know?

Everything I write is me turned inside out, nothing more and honestly nothing special; but passionate readers – readers who like to lose themselves in the maze of words and feel that twinge of suffering when they know they are reaching the close of a book they wish would continue forever - those are the people I want to share The Violet Hour with.