The First Chapter of 2016



I'm SO excited to see what 2016 brings for myself, my friends and family, but also -most excitedly- for The Violet Hour Series. As you likely already know by now, I started writing The Violet Hour back in 2009. It took years to get the first book just right for publishing and now we're well under way with the series. After the release of the prequel novella, The Midnight Hour, in November 2015 and the pending release of "Book #2" (title and cover reveal coming May 2016), I finally feel a little more comfortable with this whole wildly crazy process. What has helped me get to the this state of comfort, you might ask? You guys! My devout readers, my cover admirers, my biggest and littlest fans. My book bloggers, Instagram lovers, Twitter followers and Facebook friends. You guys are the very reason why I feel one step closer to officially accepting the title of a published YA Author.

So... To celebrate 2016 with YOU I've decided to do something a little crazy. Something -six years ago- I never would've felt comfortable doing. I'm going to share the first chapter of the next book in the series with YOU! Now before you lose your sh*t, please be hyper-ultra-super-sensitively aware that this chapter is still very raw. It has only been edited a handful of times (yes, I take editing very seriously - it is a long process). Yes, the foundation -meat and potatoes, if you will- is there, but it could still very much change throughout our editing process over the next several months before the books official release (release date will be announced during cover reveal in May).

Without further ado, I give you Chapter One of Book #2 in The Violet Hour Series (You thought I was going to slip and tell you the title of the next book, didn't you?!?!)


Chapter 1 

Luke dropped down on one knee.

My eyes fluttered and I gasped for air as Xavier tightened his grip around my throat with one hand and grabbed Luke’s throat with the other – forcing him all the way to the ground.

My body cartwheeled - vision completely foggy, as I hit the ground, landing hard with all my weight on one shoulder. My legs were completely numb – as if they no longer existed. I desperately tried to focus my eyes, searching for Luke.

Scenes were missing as if someone had cut several frames out of a movie reel; I was losing my grip. One moment I was alone in the park with Xavier and his pack – ready to die, and the next I was surrounded by all the people worth living for.

A dark brown wolf, I’d never seen before, darted with its tail tucked tightly between its legs, toward the park entrance where I could see Rachel standing.

I clawed at the sand beneath me trying to pull myself up. My body was dead weight. 

Jack and Jesse shifted midair to wolves just a few feet away, throwing themselves onto Xavier. Alexander leapt toward the sky – changing to a dark grey wolf and landing in the middle of them. Not missing a beat, Xavier quickly wrapped his arms around Jack and cast him back through the air.

My eyes fell shut as moisture slid down my face, stinging my vision and flaring my nostrils. Surely, blood. I forced them both open, trying desperately to see and breath.

Luke jumped to his feet beside me and in one smooth motion leapt onto Raphael’s back. Raphael shifted while Luke’s human-body remained tightly wrapped around Raphael as they fell to the ground with ground-shaking crash.

I couldn’t breathe. I began choking, coughing up my insides. The world was becoming shades of grey.

With a loud snap, my eyes shot open, and I watched Raphael’s body go limp in Luke’s arms. 

Jesse dashed across the park chasing Alexander. 

Kate effortlessly drug Raphael’s limp wolf body toward my father as he pulled a lighter from his pocket, tossing it at Raphael. The sky lit up with blue-green flames; the scent of death engulfing the air. 

“This isn’t over,” Xavier howled.

My brain begged to sleep. My heart desperately longed for Luke. I closed my eyes, sinking deeper into the sand – hoping to satisfy both.